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Easy Ways to Save Energy in the Bedroom

Your bedroom might not consume as much energy as your living room or kitchen, but there are some energy wasters which could be causing your energy bill to go up each month.

    Seal the Windows to Make Your Heating More Cost Effective

Homeowners in the Alaska spend much more money each year on heating expenses. This is why the better you seal your windows, the less money you will spend on electricity and natural gas.

    Draw Your Bedroom Window Curtains

Heavy curtains prevent warm air from escaping your home, which will raise your house’s room temperature.

    Keep Closet Doors Closed

The larger your bedroom is, the harder your heater has to work to keep you warm. Leaving closet doors open effectively increases your bedroom’s size. Close it so you don’t waste energy heating that area.

    Unplug Devices Before Bedtime

Your mobile devices and other electronics draw current even when they’re fully charged. Since most devices only take a few hours to charge completely you might be wasting valuable energy during the night.

Unplug your devices before you fall asleep so you don’t waste electricity and avoid wearing down your device’s battery throughout the night.

    Turn Off Lights Before Going to Sleep

A 60-watt light bulb uses 60 watts of electricity per hour, and at the end of the year that amount could add up. If you leave your lights on while you’re asleep, you’ll use a lot of energy that could have been saved.

For those who prefer not sleeping in total darkness, consider adding a dimmer switch to your lights to help you conserve energy in the bedroom.

    Bedroom energy savings are easy

Saving energy in the bedroom is easy for anyone to do. When you follow these tips, you will lower your energy use and see the results every month on your utility bill.